Why Landlords Should use to Native Landscaping

Have you considered native plants for your California rental property? By switching over, you can save on maintenance, achieve lower water bills, increase property value, and save the planet all at once. 

Low Maintenance

One reason why native plants are a popular landscaping choice is because they are lower maintenance. Being adapted to the local climate and soil makes them more resilient to disease and pests. This can save you money and time on using fertilizers, spraying pesticides, or pruning and watering plants. 

Lower Water Bills

Local California plants are well adapted to the arid climate of sunny southern California. They require substantially far less water than non-native plants. According to the California Native Plant Society, native plants require 90% less water than non-native plants. This can add up to hundreds of dollars each year in savings.  

Increased Property Value

Every smart landlord looks for opportunities to increase their ROI. Landscaping can increase your property value by 10%, according to the National Association of Realtors. The good news about California’s native plants is that there is a huge biodiversity, giving you the opportunity to select from countless beautiful plants that will make your property more appealing. 

Sustainable Choice

We all want to do our part to help the environment, and switching to native plant landscaping is a win-win. Since they are suited for the environment, they need less water, fertilizer, and pesticides. They also host a wide range of wildlife that depend on these plants for their survival.  

California is known for its ongoing recent drought crisis. Reducing water use on our lawns will help our water issue tremendously. 

Final Words

In conclusion, incorporating native plants into your rental properties can be seen as a savvy investment choice given that these plants are lower maintenance, require less water, pesticides, and fertilizers, and offer a sustainable choice all while increasing property values. 

There are many resources available for landlords who wish to plant California natives. Calscapes allows you to see which native plants grow in your region. You can find a list of native plant nurseries here.

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