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Are landlords forced to accommodate allergic residents in properties that previous had pets?

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In short, landlords are not required to accommodate allergic residents. Although there is something to be said about smart practices in dealing with both allergic tenants and those who own pets. We will go through and quote the practices brought forth in this article and give our two-cents.

Landlords can also be responsive to allergic residents by doing a deep clean of the unit when an existing pet owner moves out. Pet fur, particularly from large dogs, can get into the ductwork, which can create problems for future tenants who are allergic to animals. Similarly, having the carpets thoroughly washed can remove traces of dander better than a traditional vacuum would. A quick scan using a blacklight will reveal any hidden stains left behind by a previous tenant’s furry friends. Property owners may want to consider installing laminate, vinyl, hardwood, or tile flooring to make cleaning easier. Reference

Any special deep clean of the unit will be the responsibility of a resident. Many rental owners do not allow for pets, and thus it was a privilege to have their pet and any increase in wear & tear or cost should be incurred by them.

In the example above, the co-op board refused to set aside specific washers and dryers for pet owners to use. The board argued that pet owners should have unlimited access to all washers and dryers. A different course of action would be to keep all of the existing washers and dryers, and then add a single set (or two, depending on the size of the apartment building) that is branded along the lines of an “allergy sensitive” set of machines. A simple sign hanging overhead could explain why property management is requesting that those machines only be used by residents without pets. Reference

The example the articles references is a complaint of all residents both pet/non-pets using the same washing machine. The sign “urging” certain washing machines not too be used is a great idea.

Overall, it is understandable why it would be difficult for an allergic party to live in a common area where pets are. But in our society escaping all discomforts is not feasible and should limitations/discomforts be placed on the opposite party? We mostly agree with the article and hope being transparent and open with our residents solves most problems. And as always, no one is forcing them to live anywhere, there is always another home/unit :).


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