A Year Ahead, 2017 and Property Management

Happy New Year Everyone from the Access Asset Management team! 2016 was a huge year for us and all our owners. As our owners and residents know by know, rents have seen a drastic increase over the past year. According to published journals this is a decrease in supply or rental homes and increase in renters. The only fix could be further home development that surpasses the movement of current renters to home-owners.

Looking at property management in 2017 it is clear how technology is catching up to fulfill our industry needs. The majority of our residents have begun to use our online resources such as ACH payments, and portal maintenance requests. Here at Access we are dedicated to making the rental/moving process as easy and enjoyable as possible.
For our owners we have made great strides in performance. Access now tracks vacancy, maintenance costs and eviction rates on a monthly basis, this can be readily seen on our front page. For understanding, average property management vacancy is 5%, maintenance costs 8% and evictions 6%. Access has steadily seen our numbers fall far lower than the averages for the entirety of 2016. We look forward to working harder and harder in 2017 to keep performing even better.

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