Probably not, but this answer depends on other circumstances such as owner preference and HOA rules. In any case, you must submit a request to Access and sign an agreement prior to installing the dish. You also must take responsibility for removing the dish and repairing any damage.
Maybe. You may be allowed to install extra telephone lines if you pay the expense and agree to disconnect them when you leave. However, you must notify Access and obtain written permission to install the lines beforehand.
It depends on whether or not your unit allows pets. Notify your Access management team of your request before obtaining a pet. Do not move a pet into the property without permission. The Property Manager will contact the owner and submit your request. If the owner does allow a pet, an increased security deposit will be required and a pet agreement signed. If the owner says no, abide by the decision and your rental agreement.
As indicated in your lease, it is your responsibility to make your rent payments on time and during company business hours. Payments dropped off over the weekend or during a holiday are not considered received until the following business day.
At all times, Access makes reasonable efforts to respect tenant privacy; however, in the case of a move-out notice, “seriously interested” prospective tenants may be shown the home during the last 30 days of your occupancy. While all efforts are made to conduct showings at reasonable and agreeable times, outgoing tenants are not allowed to restrict showing access to prospective renters.
Access does not give a grace period extension for mailed rent payments unless the payment is received showing a postmark before (not on, or after) the first calendar day of the month.
The prospective roommate will have to submit an application and Access must approve the person PRIOR to them moving into the property. Applications can be submitted online from the Tenant Services page of the website. If Access denies the applicant, they cannot move into the property. If approved, you and the approved applicant must sign new rental/lease agreements.
Your roommate or co-applicant needs to submit a partial notice to vacate. Access will need documentation from you to show you can support the property by yourself. Access will not partially refund part of the security deposit to your roommate since it is a condition of your rental agreement. You and your roommate will have to settle any funds owed to each other, including any or all of the security deposit.
No. Only pets that have been authorized and approved by Access are permitted at the home. Pets belonging to visiting guests, friends, or family are not permitted for any length of time.
Notify your Access management team what pet you want. The Property Manager will contact the owner and submit your request. If the owner does allow a pet, an increased security deposit will be required and a pet agreement signed.
No, all security deposits remain in effect until all tenants vacate the property. Until a property is completely vacant, there is no way to check the entire property thoroughly.
Tenants are charged a late fee for any amount of rent that is unpaid or past due, starting on the seventh calendar day of the month. Late fees are automatically applied to your account and are due at the time they are incurred. Access has a policy of paying “oldest charges first”, therefore if you do not include the late fee with your rent, the balance will carry over to the next month and additional late fees incur. It is important to pay your late fees within the month to prevent additional late fees from accruing in the following months.
Rents are due on the first and are late on the seventh calendar day of the month.
No. Unless the payment was a result of a legitimate bank error and the bank provides written evidence of their error.